Direct Tax

Chaturvedi&Pithisaria’s Supplement Volumes I, II and III have been conceptualized as an essential companion to the fifth edition of Chaturvedi&Pithisaria’s Income Tax Law Series. This set of three volumes complement and enhance the utility of Volumes 1 to 6 of the main series by taking forward the legal discussion through analysis of the scope and effect of judicial pronouncements and legislative amendments.

These supplementary volumes dovetail seamlessly into the main series to provide the reader a clear understanding of the developments in law of income tax through a logical presentation of material with references to the page number, section and the appropriate place in the main series where the addition and/or amendment is to be read. Key Highlights:

  • An exhaustive section-wise coverage of all statutory amendments including the Finance Act, 2012 (23 of 2012), Notifications and Circulars issued till 26th July 2012
  • Includes detailed analysis of notable judicial pronouncements of the Supreme Court and the High Courts reported till February 2012 in reports and journals including ITR, AIR, Tax LR, Taxman, CTR and SCC Thoroughly examines the application of departmental circulars in relation to relevant sections Reproduction of rules and forms [as amended up to IT (Eighth Amendment) Rules, 2012] at the end of commentary of IT Act sections
  • Incorporates a consolidated Subject Index and Table of Cases
CHATURVEDI & PITHISARIA’S Income Tax Law (TRIBUNAL), an eagerly awaited maiden commentary on ITAT decisions/orders is unique in its reliable, detailed, thorough and authentic coverage of law of income-tax and surpasses any comparable book on the subject .No other book includes as many decided decisions/orders of ITAT or sets them out in such detail, or contains more detailed and exhaustive discussion and elaboration of the statutory law of income-tax. A must-keep for the income-tax consulting fraternity, revenue authorities and the academia, the work aims to empower the user with relevant, accurate and most current information in the area with brilliant analysis of the statutory principles and hence, most deservingly, is the “information power house” of income-tax law.
Some of the salient features of the book are:
  • The edition is not just a compilation but includes critical analysis by the author for all important cases covered
  • Contains approximately more than 18,000 cases, from Supreme Court and High Court jurisprudence, covering upto 358 ITR
  • Provides completely new commentary, for important sections, in line with the changes in law.
  • Provides commentary on the legislative history for all important sections
  • Bare Act has been reproduced with all amendments since the inception of the Act, 1961
  • Includes references to relevant rules and forms
  • Also contains exhaustive references in CD format: 1. Indian Income-tax Act, 1922 2. Indian Income-tax Act, 1922 amended as at 1961 3. Income-tax Rules, 1962 and allied rules and schemes 4. Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements 5. All Finance Act circulars, since 1961 6. Important explanatory circulars 7.
  • The Compendium lucidly discusses the role of tax policy in economic development with particular reference to Africa, East, North and South Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America
  • Difficult concepts such as “incidence” and “distribution” effects of taxation are argued profoundly with empirical evidence
  • Efficiency and equity effects of personal and corporate income tax are explored with discerning analysis, yet with remarkable ease
  • Various effects of consumption taxes such as the VAT including efficiency, distribution and administrative ramifications are examined closely by reference to individual countries Innovative taxes such as environmental taxes, cash-flow tax, a minimum tax on business, financial transactions tax and others are subjected to insightful analysis
  • The crucial role of tax administration in implementing tax policy effectively is considered in the most percipient manner
  • Last, but not the least, the section – Country and Regional Experiences – makes it the most integrated literature on the subject of the economics of taxation

This 1000+ pages unique book from Taxsutra is a sincere attempt to track transfer pricing [TP) dispute in India with regard to comparables pertaining to IT &ITeS sector. Taxsutra’ s experienced editorial team, based on review of judicial rulings, discussion with various professionals and Revenue Officers has handpicked 80 companies in the IT &ITeS sector in this first edition of the book. The reader, for each company, would get relevant business, financial and judicial information relevant for TP benchmarking.

  • Kanga: Law & Practice of Income Tax
  • Pithisaria&Pithisaria: Direct Taxes Circulars
  • Chaturvedi&Pithisaria: Income Tax Act, 6e 2014