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Lex Criminalis is a focused product for Law firms practicing Criminal Laws. The product includes authoritative commentaries by stalwarts like Ratanlal & Dhirajlal, Sarkar, & many more on IPC, CrPC and Evidence law along with other major works like Halsburys Law of India. Lex Criminalis will provide a competitive edge over criminal matters & help demonstrate stronger value & positive impact.
Lex Civilis is a customised product for Law Firms dealing in Civil Laws, Constitutional & Administrative laws. This product will give you access to premium, reliable & most authoritative commentaries from proficient authors such as Mulla, D D Basu, M P Jain & the like. It’s a one stop shop for Law firms specialising in Civil Laws.
Lex Corp is a focused product for Law firms dealing in Corporate & Commercial Laws. The product offers most efficient, premium & authoritative Indian commentaries on Alternate Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Commercial laws written by legal experts such as A Ramaiya, M C Bhandari, K R Chandratre, C R Dutta & many more renowned authors. Lex Corp helps you stay abreast with the latest developments in the legal sphere and helps better utilize time
Lex Ultima is a premium product to meet the ultimate needs of legal professionals. Access the finest major works of LexisNexis such as Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents, Halsbury’s Laws of England and All England Law Reports as per legal research needs to have that extra edge over the competition. Lex Ultima is a tailor-made solution to suit the changing needs of the dynamic legal professional.
One stop-shop for Legislation, Case Laws, legal journals across jurisdictions such as UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and South Africa which are primarily based on English common law system.

Key Sources

  • Australian Law Reports (ALR)
  • All England Law Reports (ALLER)
  • Industrial Cases Reports (ICLR)
  • Intellectual Property Reports
  • International Tax Law Reports (ITLR)
  • New Zealand Law Reports
  • Northern Ireland Law Reports
  • Simon’s Tax Cases
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Malaysia
  • Hong Kong Reported & Unreported Judgments
  • European Court of Justice Cases
  • Butterworths Statutes of South Africa
  • Butterworths Company Law Cases

and many more...

Access U.S. jurisprudence documents, legal cases, commentary and key analysis/visions on court procedures, annotations on a new global platform – Lexis Advance®

Key Sources

  • Federal Cases & Statutes
  • State Cases & Statutes
  • Briefs, Pleading, & Motions
  • Jury Verdicts & Settlements
  • Legislative Bill Histories
  • American Jurisprudence
  • American Law Reports (ALR)
  • 50 State Surveys, Legislation & Regulations

and many more…

Criminal Commentaries + Civil Commentaries
Criminal Commentaries + Commercial & Corporate Commentaries
Commercial & Corporate Commentaries + Civil Commentaries
Criminal Commentaries + Commercial & Corporate Commentaries + Civil Commentaries